Ilyana comes back for round two~!

One of our favorite stunt team members comes back to the studio for another photo shoot.  Ilyana made a big change with her look and needed updated headshot; she has also seen the difference our new phase one system makes for our clients.  

We are hoping that Digital Transitions will show her new image at the 2016 WPPI show in Las Vegas.   They asked us to submit the Amy Winehouse project and we added this photo below.

The image was taken with the Phase One XF and 75-170 Lens.  This is Ilyana with not make up and just lip gloss.  Zoom and in and check out the skin details and her freckles.   

The next photo was taken on Canon with a 70-200 when her hair was longer.  The difference is outstanding the Phase One shows so much detail compared to the DSLR and the dynamic range is incredible.